Clearwater Beach Photographer Sharing 3 Reasons Why this Beach is No. 1 in US

Clearwater Beach Photographer Sharing 3 Reasons Why this Beach is No. 1 in US

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like walking on cotton candy clouds?

Sink your feet in Clearwater Beach sand and that’s exactly how it feels. 

Back in 2018, TripAdvisor, a famous American online travel company, rated Clearwater Beach as no. 1 in the country. This result is based off of total ratings from visitors to their website. Since then, Clearwater Beach has been named not just once but twice in a row as the best in US.

Every year (except last year during COVID lockdown), an influx of visitors come to visit the sandy shores to experience a little bit of heaven on Earth. 

But, as a local, and as a Clearwater Beach Photographer, I narrowed it down to 3 main reasons why yes, this beach is definitely one of a kind. 

First, the core reason why Clearwater Beach is number one because, seriously, the beach is immaculate. The water gives off this majestic blue hue that only you can find on this side of the US and of course, the powder-sugared sand. 

Second, the sunset. My family and I chose to make this our home six years ago. One day, a few weeks after we settled in our home, my husband was away for a business trip, I decided to take our 10 month old baby for a stroll on Clearwater Beach. This was mid April, relatively warm weather, and wanted to catch the sunset. 

The first time I saw the sunset on the horizon of Clearwater Beach, it did not only take my breath away, I cried. When words fail you, you just cry. It was beautiful. It was perfect. 

When you get a chance to visit Clearwater Beach, do yourself a favor and watch the sunset.

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Lastly, (I know there are more reasons why, but I will limit to three) the restaurants and places to go and do walking distance from the beach are endless. You can park your vehicle on the other side of the beach, set your umbrella, and walk around to get food. Every corner of every street, you will see an array of delicious restaurants, souvenir stores, anything you need and want are just within walking distance.

How to get to Clearwater Beach: 

From Tampa International Airport you need to take west on State Rd 60 onto the scenic Courtney Campbell Causeway. After passing through the causeway, it’s pretty much straight from there until you reach the roundabout.

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