Enjoy Beautiful Beaches and Nature – From a Honeymoon Island Park Photographer

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches and Nature – From a Honeymoon Island Park Photographer

Honeymoon Island

This four-mile beach is definitely one of the best in the whole Tampa Bay Area and surrounding St Petersburg and Clearwater Beach. Honeymoon Island is a favorite among locals and my very own family as well. Whenever we have our relatives visiting, we love to take the drive and show off this hidden gem. Hidden because it is not as popular as Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Beach may have reached national news for its own reasons, but Honeymoon has its own unique beauty that is incomparable. 

I love it when eagles, osprey or great horned owls grace the foreground as soon as I click on my shutter release button creating a picturesque view with it in the background gliding beautifully. The color of the waters have a unique turquoise hue that makes a perfect sparkling background which compliments very well with portrait photography.

When you first come into Honeymoon Island, you will see the Main Beach which is deep and wide with sugar sand you can only find at the best Gulf Beaches. Plenty of parking lots, well maintained restrooms and two cafes. 

On the south side of the beach near the main entrance to the island, is called the “Dog Beach” which basically means dogs on at least 6-foot leases, are welcome. This beach is fronting “Hurricane Pass” which is a favorite for local fishing but not quite if you want to swim as the waters are not safe for such. Hurricane Pass also separates Honeymoon Island from nearby Caladesi State Park. 

Finally, the main Honeymoon Island Beach is the most favorite of both locals and visitors. Though the sand is not as award-winning as Clearwater Beach because it is interspersed with rocks and seashells, however, the north beach stretches further than Clearwater Beach. And the farther you walk, the more beautiful the scenery. 

Another reason I love this destination for photography, is the two long trails of about 2.5 miles loop through the entire island. The greenery areas make a great compliment with the beach. I always try to give my clients different photography backgrounds in one location.

How to get to Honeymoon Island:

A super fun, adventurous way to get to Honeymoon Island, and if you’re up for it, you can launch your own kayak from the Dunedin Causeway. Otherwise, a ferry that can take you to the island is another option traveling by water. 

From Tampa Airport, you follow the exit going west, until you see the sign to your right that says “Clearwater”. From there you follow that road, and you will then reach US Hwy 19, turn right to “Dunedin” and from Dunedin road you follow Curlew Road. And it’s all the way straight from there. You will reach the very end of Curley Road and find yourself in Honeymoon Island. 

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